Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Story. Dr. N. S. Bhat


When i was seven years old my father passed away due to ill health. even at that tender age i was aware that had we been well off, we would have been able to afford expert help and better treatment for my father. that was the first time i thought of becoming a doctor. i felt that as a medical practitioner i would be able to look after suffering people and alleviate their pain. moreover, medicines was a reputed profession and i would be financially secure as well. later, at thirteen, i sustained fractures from an accident. i was taken to a hospital and given treatment, but my bones were not set properly. that's when i decided i would specialise in orthopedics. After orthopedics surgery i specialise in pediatric bone and joint problems, especially birth deformities.

since 1975, i have treated thousands of children in Qatar. some of them now have children of their own, a few with congenital deformities. What touches me most is that they trust me enough to bring their children and other family members to me if there is a bone and joint problem. what more could a doctor ask for!

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. N. S. Bhat

Senior Consultant Ortho-Surgeon.